Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Support your local Shelter!

Just a post to encourage people to donate, volunteer, adopt, but just do something to help your local animal shelter. I know our local shelters are packet to bursting, at least partially due to the high numbers of home foreclosures and abandoned animals.

If you can, adopt an animal, especially an adult animal. If you're being foreclosed on, please try to find a home for your pet, then try a shelter, but don't just leave it outside. Please.

We're seriously contemplating adding another cat to our three. We have the room and the resources, and we love our cats.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Daughter Hawthorne got a beautiful little doggie - half lab/half shepherd- from the pound. Her name is Giada. You can see her on my blog.

Llama said...

Did she name her after who I think she did?

We don't have a name for the cat we might be getting, since we have to see how he adapts to the current fuzzies.