Monday, February 9, 2009

Comfort Food

Tonight's dinner was good ol' grilled cheese and tomato soup - standard comfort food for me. This is what we used to get on snow days home from school in between building snowpeople and having snowball fights. The cheese has to be sharp cheddar, the bread homemade whole wheat (or honey whole wheat from Great Harvest), and the soup?

No matter how much I dislike processed food, I still have to have the standard Campbell's condensed Tomato Soup. It has to be almost boiling hot.

When I was in tenth grade, my boyfriend at the time turned me on to thinly sliced (raw) onion in grilled cheese, which was delicious when we used onions from my garden, but these were replaced with sauteed onions when we ran out of the sweet little ones that winter.

I don't use any butter on the outside of the sandwich, though I will cook it in the leftover oil from cooking the onions. I guess it's not really "grilled" per se, but I've always called it grilled cheese, and I'm too stubborn to change!

Anyone out there want to share their favorite comfort foods?

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MrsVJW said...

I've managed to move on from the standard Campbell's tomato to the tomato bisque. So much more refined...